Anti Terror

SAARVAM's specialized technologies provide military personnel both fixed and portable solutions to combat drone threats. Our products provide comprehensive, pre-eminent detection and early countermeasures in a layered military solution.

Border Security

SAARVAM compliments the military’s existing detection methods, helping our armed forces strengthen their defense against airborne threats across borders.

Counter Insurgency

Mission Control software provides live command and control, actionable intelligence for surveillance, and multi-drone coordination for complex missions from anywhere in the world.

Crime Control

In today’s world, security is a top priority. Microdrones is proud to be making the planet a safer place – one drone at a time. Microdrones UAV security solutions are empowering security forces and transforming the ways they take action.

Crowd Monitoring

Tethered UAVs provide a flexible platform for observing crowds or large gatherings. Easily deployable, they provide an overhead view without the need for helicopters and can be easily moved if required.

Disaster Management

Natural or man made disasters create severe challenges for both emergency services and first responders. Areas with no roads and environmental challenges can appear insurmountable yet we are capable of providing mapping, terrain data, act as radio relays and provide critical payload delivery.

Forest & Wildlife

Coupled with sophisticated EO/IR sensors and mission specific payloads Drone SAARVAM can help protect and conserve the worlds natural heritage from decimation and eventual extinction.

Traffic Monitoring

Our tethered solutions offer continuous and real-time aerial traffic monitoring, allowing persistent data collection and analysis. A tethered drone is a compact tool which is easy to transport and deploy.