Precision Agriculture

Whether you’re a grower, crop consultant, or large enterprise, SAARVAM will empower you to make more effective and efficient farming decisions.

Construction & Real Estate

Site assessments, construction monitoring, and structural inspections for all types of job sites, commercial buildings, and infrastructure.

Industrial Asset Inspection

Provide aerial inspection and analytical services to the industrial sector, SAARVAM offers our customers an alternative to traditionally acquired aerial information.


SAARVAM is proud to offer tailored solutions that include reliable UAS airframes, proven autopilot systems, and customizable payloads for mining related operations.

Oil & Gas

Whether you need to monitor the pipeline right-of-ways, inspect well sites, or manage many other oil and gas assets efficiently, our drone-based solutions deliver a flexible, cost-effective way to inspect your oil and gas assets.

Power Transmission

Reduce hazardous manhours and downtime with accurate surveying of tower structures and power lines.

Solar Energy

Aerial data for pre-construction assessments, commissioning or warranty inspections, and regular system maintenance.

Wind Energy

Quick and accurate insight into the health of your wind farm. Identify blade defects faster and improve asset productivity.